I think it's very important to establish a community with rules, that's the greatness of the internet and also the biggest problem on the internet, of course, but I think that there are a lot of means we haven't explored yet about community, about the creation of the social process on the internet.

Giulio VitaDirector of La Guarimba International Film Festival

Having invented something so incredible like the internet, which makes democracy, markets, distribution of intellectual material, of knowledge... so amazingly simple, it seem's to me that now we are just trying to put it back in the box, like a Pandora's box that you've opened, and that you are trying to say: Ok, but how's it going to fit into our market models? Instead of saying WOW, this is a really new way of looking at things, maybe we don't really need to always base things on how they work in the market, or in the stock exchange... maybe instead of making the internet work like the markets, we should make the markets work like the internet.

Tomas SheridanAward winning, UK-based documentary director

When you get into the habit of giving your work away for free, people get used to the idea of receiving that content for free and are less likely to be willing to pay for it when you decide to start charging for it.

Sam MorrillCurator at Vimeo (USA)

Piracy is also an economic phenomenon on the one hand due to Hollywood's disconnection from the public. You can't charge 15$ a ticket to see a film and expect that everyone is going to be ok with that. Each film should have a different ticket price depending on the costs involved with the making of that film; If this were being taken into consideration maybe the quality of the content of the mainstream film's in general would also improve.

Alicia Victoria Palacios ThomasCo-Founder of ETDK Studio

La Guarimba 2015 on Open Source

Brief insight on exploring community and the creation of the social process on the internet. /
Un breve documento acerca de la exploración de la comunidad y la creación del proceso social en Internet.

La Guarimba International Film Festival 2015 laguarimba.com

Production Company: ETDK STUDIO
Creative Directors: Pablo Cristóbal & Alicia Victoria Palacios Thomas
Executive Producers: Giulio Vita, La Guarimba International Film Festival
Post Production: ETDK STUDIO
Music: Cylinder Two from the album Cylinders written, produced, and performed by Chris Zabriskie chriszabriskie.com

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